Swedish Tracking Association
"The Swedish Tracking Association" was formed 2012 by enthusiastic and dedicated tracking hunters, aimed at those who seek knowledge of the tracking process.

We are a non-profit organization without political preferences.

Our objective is to create and communicate both practical and theoretical knowledge of tracking work in such a way that tracking activities in Sweden are constantly evolving and maturing regarding organization, equipage, practice and reputation.

The consideration for the wild and our dogs is primarily what drives our work. Injured wild animals should be traced and killed with efficiency and humanity. Therefore, we focus on the knowledge of wild animals and their behaviour, and on an active cooperation with dog people.


We achieve the association’s goal by

  • Engage in the training of trackers and their dogs
  • Contribute to the development of a quality standard for tracking work in Sweden
  • Participate and drive game and tracking related events, networks and an increased national/international cooperation
  • Engage in the community discussion, and when possible, in the political decision-making related to our goals about the wild and our dogs.

Contact: International contact